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We is more powerful than I.

Iotatech are working in Partnership with some of the world’s leading technology and consulting companies.


DXC Technology is a $19.6bn business with 138,000 employees worldwide. DXC and Iotatech entered into a mutually beneficial partnership in 2020, with DXC acting as a reseller and systems integrator of the Iotatech Platform.

The Iotatech Platform is a cloud-native pay-per-use SaaS Solution fully hosted on Amazon Web Services (AWS), providing high availability, resilience, security, scalability and disaster recovery measures.

Through our partnership with Assimil8, the Iotatech Platform is integrated with ThoughtSpot, the next-generation analytics platform for the enterprise, offering customers a true self-service search and AI-driven analytics and insights.

Precisely EngageOne (formerly Pitney Bowes EngageOne) is a market-leading, customer communication management solution. It provides Iotatech’s customers with seamless personalised multichannel communications.

Itransition is a provider of global digital solutions and IT services. Iotatech has partnered with Itransition to use their expertise to help develop and deliver the Iotatech Platform. A dedicated team of highly skilled Itransition professionals works in tandem with the Iotatech team.

The Iotatech Platform, in conjunction with Hope Macy, is ready to help manage financially vulnerable customers.

NCC are a global cybersecurity business operating across multiple sectors, geographies and technologies.  The NCC’s Software Resilience, Escrow and Verification division provides peace of mind that the security and regulatory compliance of business-critical technology is assured.

Optalitix flagship product, Acumen, integrates with the Iotatech Platform and provide Iotatech’s customers with the ability to upload their spreadsheets through a ‘no code’ interface and turn them into integrated cloud-based models with artificial intelligence capability.

RightIndem offers a digital self-service claims solution that transforms the claims experience by making the process easy and hassle-free for customers. Combined with the Iotatech Platform, insurance businesses can optimise their claims journeys from reporting to settlement, reducing costs and claims life cycles while exceeding customer expectations.