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Know Your Customer

Enrich your data to make better decisions

Iotatech has access to millions of rows of data collected from outside the insurance sector, offering significant benefits to insurers and brokers and allowing them to make more informed decisions.

Postcode Aggregated Data

Postcode Aggregated Data

By combining millions of lines of data we help you to understand your customers and make the right decisions.

Our data helps you understand your customers’ shopping habits, through analysis of purchases and spending over varying periods time. This helps to identify risk, motivation to buy, when and where to target special offers, make decisions on your on-boarding strategy and understand and offer preferred channels.


Price Sensitivity

Propensity to Buy Ancillary Products


Propensity to Renew


Fraud Screening

Property Knowledge

Property Knowledge

The Property Knowledge file contains data from a variety of sources, some publicly available, such as Rightmove, Zoopla and Google. Having all the relevant data available on a single page when engaged with household insurance customers during the quote and buy phase is a huge advantage, especially when the vast majority contain a photograph of the property concerned. This data is constantly being updated to ensure both accuracy and to provide further enrichment (such as EPC data).

This data can be automatically populated into your policy system making it invaluable for not only speeding up the sales cycle but also ensuring accuracy of your data. It  also facilitates fraud prevention, for motor as well as household.

Fraud Screening

Cross Sell & Up Sell

Streamlining Data Capture